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After diagnosis, we send you a quote If the quote is accepted, repairs will begin. If not, we will send your battery back to you, with an invoice for the diagnosis After repair, we send you the invoice. After payment your battery will be returned to you.

Our company LITHIUM PLUS is a French establishment specialized in lithium battery reconditioning services. We are the after-sales service point for many Chinese companies supplying Europe. In addition, we offer repair services and sales of products to all customers in need.

Why sould we refurbish lithium batteries?

For those who wonder why refurbish lithium batteries instead of buying new ones, we inform them that there are many advantages to do so.

1) Refurbishing lithium batteries is cheaper

Often, it happens that for one reason or another, your battery is defective. In this kind of situation, you have the reflex to change it. In fact, this is not the best solution because you will spend a lot of money in buying a new lithium batterie.

Our company LITHIUM PLUS is at your disposal to refurbish your product. This is an operation that is part of our skills. Reconditioning costs 4 or 5 time less than the purchase of a new lithium battery. 

LITHIUM PLUS will help you saving money while benefiting from a high-performance product.

2) Reconditioned batteries are sold with a warranty

One of the benefits of refurbishing lithium batteries is that you will get a warranty. After the reconditioning operation, we make sure that the product is good enough to serve you for a long time. In order to secure your request for service, LITHIUM PLUS provides a customer warranty on its products.

This option is a warranty of the quality of our services. In case of defect, you can always come back for satisfaction

3) Refurbished batteries are ecological

Finally, refurbishing lithium batteries is an ecological and environmentally friendly gesture. By favoring reconditioning instead of a new purchase, you save the planet. To manufacture new products, factories use a lot of energy, raw materials and pollute the environment. 

All these elements are harmful to the atmosphere, especially since there are risks of damage to the ozone layer. 

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